Smart Air Filter + Air Quality Monitor Bundle

Sale price$225.00

Includes reusable frame and disposable filter. Woosh filter refills are $22, free shipping nationwide.

Transform your home’s furnace/air conditioner (HVAC) into a smart air purifier for the entire home. This bundle includes the Woosh Smart Air Filter and Air Quality Monitor.  Monitor your indoor and outdoor air quality trends, receive alerts for poor air quality, track filter life and integrate with your smart thermostat for automated whole home air purification. When it’s time to change your filter, you’ll get an email and notification from Woosh! 


Size: 12x24x1

The carefree way to track your filter life and air quality.

Harness the power of our Woosh Air app for a superior air quality experience. Stay informed about your filter's status in real-time, guaranteeing that your air is consistently cleaner.

Keep tabs on the ever-changing landscape of indoor and outdoor air quality, and receive instant alerts when conditions dip. Plus, seamlessly sync your app with your smart thermostat to automate air circulation. It's your path to effortless control over your living environment, all made possible by Woosh.

Download the 'Woosh Air' app on the Google Play Store or App Store.

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