About Us

Woosh was founded after the 2018 forest fires in California. The lack of air filters and the need for clean air drove the desire for a better solution. In true startup style, the first Woosh products were made from air filters and fans in a California garage. With a small army of 3D printers and a team of dedicated innovators, Woosh quickly made a splash into the world of HVAC.

Traditional cardboard filter designs aren’t convenient to ship, lack smartness and connectivity, and could be more sustainable. After numerous interviews with homeowners and countless prototypes, we knew we were on to something.

Beta testing began in San Francisco in June and expanded to the entire Bay Area by August. We’ve since launched in Sacramento, Austin, Dallas, Boston, Philadelphia, Chicago and my home town Toronto.

Our beta testing has provided priceless feedback that has allowed us to continue to improve the design. Bringing transparency and awareness to air quality is key to what drives us at Woosh. We are excited to bring the Woosh Smart Air Filter and new style filter media to the market very soon.