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This kit includes:

  • The Woosh Smart Frame
  • 1x Woosh foldable filter insert
  • The Woosh Air Quality Monitor

The Woosh Smart Frame features:

  • Highly accurate filter sensors
  • Gasketing for a snug fit to reduce air leakage
  • Magnets to keep your frame securely in place
  • Pull tabs for easy removal

The Woosh foldable filter insert features:

  • Up to 50% more filter material than standard filters to catch and hold more contaminants
  • Industry leading filter material with high sub-micron efficiency, dust holding capacity and low airflow resistance
  • Innovative foldable design for easy disposal
  • Future replacements can be delivered for just $20 + free shipping

The Woosh Air Quality Monitor is a standalone device that measures the quality of the air in the room where it is placed. Used with a smart thermostat, the Woosh Air Quality Monitor trigger air circulation to clean the air when the air quality is poor.