Fold Filter Specs

A truly better filter

The Woosh Fold™ Filter captures bacteria and viruses from the air you breathe while making disposal a breeze.

  • Efficiency

    The Woosh Fold™ Filter is designed to be a truly better filter. The filter has a MERV rating between MERV 12 and MERV 13, with better E1 performance than a standard MERV 12. E1 performance represents a filter's ability to remove the smallest particulates (like viruses) from the air.

  • Pressure Drop

    All filters add strain, or pressure drop, to your central HVAC system. Older or undersized systems often cannot support the same amout of pressure drop as newer HVAC systems. To ensure the Woosh Fold™ Filter can be used as many different systems, we keep the initial pressure drop around 0.25" w.g. for a clean filter under standard conditions.

  • Dust Loading

    Not listed on most filters, dust loading represents a filters ability to hold contaminants without increasing the strain on the system. Many cheap filters have high efficiency and low pressure drop, but fill up quickly due to low dust loading. Woosh filters have industry leading dust loading to increase the time between filter changes.

  • Know What You're Using

    Without measurement, it's hard to tell if your filter is even working. With the Woosh Air Quality Monitor, you have insights into how clean your air really is and the Woosh filter will automatically circulate air when needed.